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Again, Africa’s biggest Philanthropist, Femi Otedola has Done It!

Magnanimity is seldom a strong suit of Nigerian billionaires. But nature does not use a one-size fits all approach which is why billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, is widely perceived as one of the rarest and kindest of money men.

Without a doubt, if the history of biggest philanthropists in Africa were to be documented, the billionaire’s name would definitely gain prominence.

Giving, without looking back, is a second skin to him. Whilst he would rather do this without making a song and a dance of it.

And he has done it again.

The benevolent billionaire has taken up the medical expenses of the famous reggae icon, Majek Fashek, who is terribly sick and stranded in London.

Confirming the story and sounding the alarm of the critical state of the ‘Rainmaker’, who is currently receiving treatment in a London hospital, his manager, Uzoma Day Omenka, painted a pathetic picture of the dire situation the musician is in.

Thankfully, Mr Otedola is taking care of the hospital bill fully and this has thrown Nigerians across the world into fits of joy.

Billionaire businessman and Chairman of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola, does not court media attention needlessly.

Yet, almost every move he makes, either in his business or private life, has never escaped the attention of newshounds.

He is a delight to professional journalists and biographers. If you choose to write about his uncommon feats as a businessman, you will come up with volumes of work that will most likely intimidate a bibliophile. In the same way, if you choose to document his philanthropic acts, in black and white, your hand may grow tired.

Such is the life of this oil mogul who has become an angel of hope to many and a God-sent to his compatriots who have been visited by the vicissitude and lassitude of life. To say he is generous with his God-given wealth is to put it mildly.

Among his other acts of uncommon generosity and fellow-feeling, he came to the rescue of ailing popular thespian, Victor Olaotan, last year, when he needed over $100,000 for treatment of an injury he sustained in a ghastly auto accident in 2016.

The veteran actor received the much-needed but expensive neuro-rehabilitation treatment that saved his legs from being amputated, courtesy of the Lagos State- born business magnate’s kindness.

In line with his avowed commitment to lending a helping hand to his needy compatriots, Otedola has, again, risen to help a soul, Christian Chukwu. Immediately news broke that the former Green Eagles skipper needed $50,000 to complete treatment for prostate cancer which has affected his leg, Otedola was said to have called him and promised to foot the bill at the Wellington Hospital, London. He could not imagine the man who had made the country proud in the past as the captain of the first Nigeria team to win the African Nation cup continue to writhe in pains.

In May this year, Otedola also came to the aid of Peter Fregene, a former Green Eagles goalkeeper, who had been bedridden since 2001, after a SUNDAY PUNCH report.

Otedola has also reportedly taken up the medical expenses of ailing Nollywood actor, Sadiq Daba.

In 2017, Sadiq Daba, who had been battling leukaemia and prostate cancer for the past few years, returned to Nigeria from the UK where he went for medical treatment. The ace broadcaster also revealed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2017. This was barely months after he was hospitalised due to leukaemia.

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