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China Government celebrated victory against Corona Virus (video attached)

Aljazeera reported that China coronavirus curb celebrated by government as the control has drastically reduced the victims.

As infection numbers surge globally, downward trend in China continues with communist party hailing its efforts as major victory as it is displayed in the video below.

Aljazeera reported that the downward trend in China has been celebrated by the government as a major victory. Beijing had initially concealed the outbreak – before putting millions of people in lockdown.

The mass lockdown across Hubei province came into effect at the end of January as well as strict quarantine and travel restrictions across China.

Sixty million people were forced to stay at home, including 11 million from the city of Wuhan.

The World Health Organization has praised Beijing’s response.

But not everyone appreciated the robust containment measures arguing that those heavy quarantine restrictions came at a cost.

The leader of communist lauded his party because if action does not take on time, the whole China would have been infected with the incurable deadly virus.

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