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Kogi GovernorYahaya Bello has reacted to the coronavirus pandemic, the Governor in a recent chat with this medium said the virus in Nigeria is full of politics, lies and fraud.

Speaking further, he said it is an avenue for political office holders and corrupt officials to embezzle and steal the nation’s resources.

However, The Governor also made this comment in a post on his verified Facebook page, where he denied rumours that he tested positive for coronavirus after coming in contact with COVID-19 infected Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Kogi State Governor said: “Please stay at home and stay safe. I got NO COVID. It’s fake news. People of Kogi State, I love you all. Don’t mind the political aspect of COVID-19, maximum of 21 days, COVID-19 will disappear,” Governor Bello added.

The governor have assured the people : “Not to panic, if you have catarrh (fluid), take hot water with garlic, ginger, lemon, lime and steam yourself, you will be good.

“There are a lot of lies, politics about COVID-19, I will not play with that. I will not play with my people’s life or pretend and steal money because of this so-called pandemic. Please, stay safe.

“I’m good, strong, hale and hearty. If COVID-19 comes to Kogi State, you have a governor who will combat and defeat the idiot. “I can assure you, 90 per cent noise about COVID-19 is political and.material thing,” the Kogi governor opined

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