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It’s no more a news that members of the red legislative chamber ( The Senate) would be officially donating half their salaries to support the fight against Covid-19. It’s however pertinent to note that the Senator representing the largest Senatorial district in Nigeria(Lagos West), Distinguished Senator Adeola Olamilekan YAYI took a step further in his characteristic philanthropic manner to alleviate the sufferings of his constituents during this Covid-19 lockdown period.
While others were sharing rice, garri, loafs of bread etc indiscriminately with no social distancing, thereby compounding the likely spread of the virus amongst the masses, Senator Adeola YAYI was consulting on the best approach to reach his constituents directly with his palliative measure.
Eventually, the philanthropic Senator came up with the brilliant idea of giving #50m cash directly to his constituents across the 10LGAs & 28LCDAs that constitutes Lagos West Senatorial district. It’s noteworthy that the Senator has Coordinators in all the 28LCDAs & also Ward Co-ordinators,hence the cash delivery to the needy will be a very easy task. Before this decision, questions were being asked as per the Senator’s goodies to his constituents, now the Senator has acted but some mischievous fellows are still doubting the Senator’s financial aides to his people.In Nigeria, some people tend to politicize everything even during this pandemic period that calls for sober reflections. Here is a man that has always been a philanthropist even before venturing into the murky water of Nigerian Politics. A man that is concerned about the welfare of his followers, his Co-ordinators, his Media aides & his Constituents at this challenging period is worthy of praise singing. It’s an established fact that even us as individuals can hardly satisfy everybody in life. When next your representative address himself or herself as Distinguished, ask them if they are meeting up with the Senator YAYI standard of generous & vibrant representation.

I remain, Comrade KSA Media Aide to Senator YAYI

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