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  Lagos -West Senatorial District representative, Senator Solomon Adeola, has reacted to stories being peddled by some blocks and social media of purported fraud allegation on the disbursement of his N50 million donation as palliative for poor and vulnerable persons, families and groups during the COVID-19 lockdown in his constituency.

According to the head of media of the senator, Chief Kayode Odunaro, the senator will not be dragged into the blatant falsehood contained in the sponsored write-ups and regrets the shameful attempt to politicize the issue of palliatives during a preventive lockdown for the containment of the global pandemic that is ravaging humanity on the altar of local petty politics.

He stressed further that the identity of the brain behind the campaign of calumny and his fraudulent antecedents are known, noting that no amount of subterfuge by these minions and faceless group can wipe the trail of their huge financial inducement for the hatchet write ups publication.

He described his donation as not political or reward for party members or voters rather a relief package targeted to the downtrodden and vulnerable individuals, families and groups for sustenance in the on-going COVID-19 lockdown.

Adeola further described the cash donation as precautionary measures for the containment of the pandemic and for beneficiaries to address their needs at this period.

The senator who has the largest senatorial district in Nigeria with population of over 12 million people said he was happy with pictorial and video evidences that are currently seen on the various social media platforms, which is achieving its goals on targeted people in the society.

Said he “For the records, my donation was not a political campaign gambit as there is no election anytime soon and neither is it a reward for party members or voters in the largest senatorial district of some 12 million people. It is a relief package targeted mostly at the poor and vulnerable individuals, families and groups for sustenance during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. I decided on cash donation in cognizance of the precautionary measures for the containment of the pandemic and for beneficiaries to address their specific needs on their own during the lockdown. And from the pictorial and video evidences I am seeing on the social media I am satisfy that the palliative is achieving its goal on targeted persons, families and group without any controversy”

Senator Adeola said the on-going disbursement which enters its 5th day is being implemented by a 6 –member Committee in each of the 10 LGAs and 18 LCDAs of Lagos West with replication at the ward levels adding that beneficiaries cut across individuals, families and groups like market women associations and League of Imams with sums ranging from N2,500 for individuals and graduated upward from #5000 to N250,000 for families and groups based on need.

The senator said he remains focus in discharging his duties as a senator with credible achievements for constituents including facilitation of skill acquisition training for over 4000 women and youth with provision of 4 ICT Centers in 4 Secondary schools since the commencement of the 9th Senate.

He concluded that his donation is his modest contribution in the fight against COVID-19 that is a global pandemic and not a political payback.

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