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Meet 19 Year Old Girl Who Called Her Mother A B!tch. Her Father After They Drove Her

Some weeks ago a Nineteen Year Old Teenager Sparked Controversy on all Social Media Platfoms After Making a Viral Post where she Called Her Mother a B!tch Because she adviced her not to Quit University and Stay with her Boyfriend.

Well in another recent viral post she also said that after asking her mom what she did, she had issues at home and eventually her parents threw her out of the house and she is now living happily with her boyfriend Daniel and she considers it amazing
It is indeed a slap to the face of all parents around the world that a Nineteen Year Old Girl would be so audacious and unethical to say this to her parents and not even be remorseful of leaving the home, but after professing her love for her father, more speculations have been going on about the family.

She however left a note for her dad saying she loves Him and that he should please advice his wife to Stop Living in the past.

We don’t know what to do Again because she seems to have made a decision for her life and she’s content with it at the moment. Nevertheless we hope that her happiness will last long!

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