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Celebrating Nasir Rahman Olanrewaju As He Adds One

Let us celebrate a SPECIAL BREED, HUMANIST and a JOURNALIST PAR EXCELLENCE. His contributions to our society cannot be undermined. Hardly you will even notice this easy-going man in your environment, except those who are closer to him. Yet, he has made great IMPACT. He is a silent achiever whose service to humanity and the society at large has been one his greatest traits. On this day, we on BEHALF OF THE ENTIRE PEOPLE OF IFAKO-IJAYE ( OJOKORO LCDA INCLUSIVE), IFAKO-IJAYE POST MAGAZINE & GLOBAL TIMES INTERNATIONAL/ ONLINE CONGRATULATE NASIR RAMON OLANREWAJU, HEAD, CORRESPONDENCE & COMMUNICATIONS UNIT OF GROUP UBA AND MEDIA AIDE TO SIR TONY ELUMELU, CON, GROUP UBA CHAIRMAN AND CEO, HEIRS HOLDINGS AS HE ADDS ONE TODAY. WE EQUALLY WISH THE WIFE WELL AS SHE ADDED ONE YESTERDAY(26). HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN TO THE GREATEST AND HAPPIEST COUPLE ON EARTH!!!

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