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Covid-19: Nigeria’s youngest Bishop,Omo Majemu, feeds indigent kids, others

Still in the selfless attitude of catering for the poor masses in this trying period, one of Nigeria’s philanthropic man of God, youthful and ever charitable, Bishop Femi Otusanya, has joined the fray of privileged individuals in the society by bringing succor to many, especially the young and helpless children.

At his Ikorodu based church in the outskirt of Lagos, the True Covenant Church of God, TCCG, and the popularly known as Omo Majemu (The Covenant Child), has been daily feeding underprivileged children and youths alike and this gesture has cuts across religious, Social, gender and ethnic divides.

A visit to Omo Majemu’s church recently confirmed this statement, as a long queue of children and beggars was witnessed waiting to be served with a sizeable meal and sundry essential freebies in tow on a daily basis.

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