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(a).When an Iroko tree is planted it is an assured victory of sustaining the tides of Time.

(b).The flying antelope which is the Eagle in the air weather the storms to achieve greatness earmarked for him.

(c).There is a man with a stoic name called; Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola.

(d).He was born into a family that emphasised hardworking to achieve sitting with kings and even being a king himself.

(e).The question is which day did he arrive into the beautiful world,it is known to be on the 25th of May,1957,that is; 41 months 5 days before Nigeria attainment of Independence.

(f).What he represents: An embodiment of truth and Trust in his dealings.

(g).His a.k.a.’s are numerous as sweet melodies in the mouths of ardent lovers and admirers such as; The Young,The Grandmaster,The Symbol and the Master Oranmiyan.

(h).An embodiment of the masses oriented programmes in governance,from Hon.Commissioner,to Osun State Governor and by His Grace for him ,Hon.Minister of Interior Affairs.

(i).Morals in the centre of minds.Integrity he kept.Self-Assertiveness rekindled hope in him for man.Confidentiality of the Leader,the Mentor and encourager our own Asiwaju the Jagaban cannot be equalled.

(j).The candour.The sustainability of discipline which epitomised the Ijesha blood in him resolved into main reliability

(k).The man who love the total man like Fidel Castro of Cuba whose 70% are Yoruba origin.We have not said much about legacy but we have more poetic resumption to say much but the space.

(l).The jolly comrades in Mandate Movement electrify his excellent deeds by all agreement in-to-to.

(m).We celebrate your birthday, many congratulate you on this wonderful day.Our President Muhammadu Buhari loves birthday greetings and he wish you more years as we are.

(n).Nigerians and others i say; clap your two hands for our own Aregbesola at 63 years,Three scores + 3,Diamond life +3, Three decades + 3 on planet earth.Happy BIRTHDAY sir.

Written and Delivered by Deacon Banjo Omole, FKJ- LGA,Lagos state.

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