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Lagos PCRC bemoans killings of Police officers in Kogi

Lagos State Police Community Relations Committee has expressed shock over the killings of nine police officers ,who were on duties in Kogi State.

In a press release made available to our newsdesk tagged WHO GUARDS THE GUARD, the chairman of PCRC, Apostle Kehinde Showemimo, also bemoaned the silent of the society and the press on such a sensitive issue that should take front burner because of the role the Police play in securing lives and property of Nigerians.

He wondered why such a mindless killings would be done without national outrage or mentioned in the media, except reported by few as a normal story, adding that these police officers have dreams, hopes and ambitions like other members of the larger society.
He lauded the Inspector General of Police for his support for community policing, saying that the mandate of PCRC is to bring policing closer to communities to further enhance security, law and order.

The chairman also called on the federal government to give consideration to the process of recruitment, training , kitting of policemen, use of technology to enhance effectiveness and general welfare of the police.

Read the statement below:
It was with shock and trepidation that we received the news of the brazen attack on Isanlu, Kogi State, by armed robbers on Thursday June 4, 2020.

Tragically, ten innocent people were gruesomely murdered in a mindless carnage that paid no regard to the sanctity of human life. Of the ten souls that were sent to a premature demise, nine were police officers on duty and at their duty posts, while the tenth victim was an innocent civilian. Many others were wounded and taken to the hospital. We wish them all speedy recovery.

Perhaps as mind boggling as the reckless act of these criminals is the seeming lack of national outcry and outrage against the deed. Asides the main news report on the incidence and a few scattered media mentions, public angst and reactions are relatively muted compared to other instances of major criminal aggression against Nigerians.

This state of affairs elicits the question, *’‘Have we as a people become so accustomed to violence that the loss of lives no longer draws national empathy?’’ Or *”Could it be that because the main brunt of this act of violence was borne by the men and women of the Nigerian Police Force, hence the muted response”?*

Hopefully it is neither the former nor the latter. However, we would like to seize this medium to remind all Nigerians that our men and women in uniform are not just mere statistics. They are first human beings, each with dreams, hopes and ambitions like the rest of us. Like every civilian, they too are husbands, wives, Fathers, Mothers brothers, sisters, friends, mentors and relatives to many. They too are bread winners with dependants and as they have bravely taken an oath to put themselves in the line of danger to maintain law and order, to enable us live peacefully and safe, their safety, happiness, welfare and comfort should be paramount in our policies. Also, the death of a single police officer on active duty should be no less mourned and condemned by the nation.

It is trite to note that such killings of our men and women in uniform are not a novelty, with the incidence in Offa, Kwara State and numerous attacks by bandits and Boko Haram on the armed forces coming to mind.

Our charge to our fellow citizens is to show greater empathy and to loudly express our outrage and condemnation when our men and women of the force come under such attacks

We should also strive to stand by the loved ones these brave men and women have left behind.
We call on all Nigerians to unite with one voice against these criminal elements even as we continue to support the Nigerian Police Force.

Our mandate in the PCRC is to bring policing closer to communities to further enhance security, law and order. The present Inspector General of Police has thrown his weight behind this initiative and we commit to always be a partner in this cause. It is also important for the Federal Government to give more consideration to the process of recruitment, training, kitting of Policemen, use of technology to enhance their effectiveness and general welfare.

*On behalf of the PCRC National Chairman, Dr. Faruk Maiyama, we commiserate with the Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, NPM Mni, the Commissioner of Police, Kogi State CP. Ede Ayuba Ekpeji and indeed all members of the Nigerian Police Force. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers also go to the families of the deceased on the loss of their loved ones and it is our prayers, that the Lord grants you all the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

God bless The Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC)

God bless the Nigerian Police Force

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Apostle Kehinde Adewale Showemimo
Chairman, PCRC Lagos State

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