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Buhari appoints ex-president’s minister, Seriki, others as Ambassadors

President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed Mr. Ademola Seriki, a Minister during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, as an ambassador that will represent Nigeria at the international arena.

Mr. Seriki was appointed alongside with 41 other Nigerians across the Federation.

Seriki was the Minister of State for Defence under Goodluck Jonathan.

Two prominent Nigerian journalists were also appointed by the president. The journalists are Messrs Debo Adesina and Oma Deborah.

According to The Punch, only one of the 42 nominees is career ambassador others are noncareer ambassadors.

President Muhammadu Buhari has forwarded their names to the Nigerian Senate for confirmation on Tuesday.

When they are finally cleared by the Senate, each of them will be sent to the country’s missions in different countries.

President Muhammad Buhari’s action to nominate the former minister despite their political difference shows that the president belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody.

A careful observation of the ambassadorial nominee’s list also shows that 4 slots were given to Southeast, 7 for Southwest, and 6 six for South-South.

Three states got 3 nominees each, another three states had 2 each while 20 states had one slot each. Four states had no slot.

The career ambassador came from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

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