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Jubilations As Chief Akogun Of Erukucity, Mr Jacob Ayodele Recounts Ordeals In The Den Of Kidnappers,Arm Men

When contacted an hours ago he spoke with Trust BethNews. Here is his reaction below.

“I will celebrate my experience with this song. My eyes have seen,my ears have heard,my mouth will talk about the goodness of God (2×)”.

Just few days ago, infact precisely, Friday 10th of July, 2020 at about 11:am I witnessed serious tortured and humiliation of people in the hands of kidnappers and arm robbers and I concluded my in mind with the ugly experience I went through by saying we are living in a nation with a deaf and dump government .

The real gist begins….

When he was sharing the hideout experience with Publisher Trust BethNews in person of Oluwaseun on phone conversation, says It was around 11: am when he embarked on a journey from Abuja along Kaduna road, saying further in praising God “what can I say unto you than to say Lord I thank you”.Who am I that you spared only me with your grace.

On my way to Kaduna from Abuja, I was stopped by the gang of arm robbers & kidnappers, they took me to their Den,my fellow Nigeria, with what I saw couple with my ugly experience I think I can tell the entire world that we don’t have government in Nigeria we only live like a slave under bandage that’s just the bitter truth.

I can’t imagine In our own country this is happening to us, God will surely judge the riches and political leaders at a good time because they caused all these to our Nation call Nigeria.

I was treated like a king in the forest where they have president and ministers, that was how they addressed themselves.

They took a very huge amount of money from me while they kill so many innocent people right there in my presence. They later took me to their most high leader in the forest there which is their president. He looked at me face-to-face and also smile at me, I was shocked, when he say to me that I’m a ‘gold’ saying further he asked after what his gang men collected from me he had me to wait for him and asked how much money they took from me I was reading and quoting our father whom at in heaven I could not be able to say it out openly and correctly because I thought it was over but God of Shadrach Mischac and Abednego was there with me.

I told him the amount I lost to the arm robbers and the kidnappers,he went inside and came out with only my bag with exact amount in the bag and handed my bag and money to me and instructed his boys to lead me and handed over me to a vehicle to drop me at my destination.

Immediately, I overheard what he told his boys about me, honestly, I can’t fathom what had happen it was like a mystery to me, but I know it was a living God that was on my side, how much can I pay him back for this total freedom from the den of a lions, I will forever praise his holy name.

I began to ask myself and people around me since the ugly Situation occurred that what life are we living in Nigeria?, I met so many victims in the bush inside the jungle where no one can hear your voices even if you shout for help heavy men with sophisticated weapons.

But only me was released and all the money they took from me we’re all returned. I want to talk to God directly, I need to know him, why only me in the ocean of death.

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