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UNILAG Crisis: The Truth About Wale Babalakin’s Accusations Against Embattled VC Exposed

The leadership crisis in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has taken new dimensions as accusing fingers have been flying around in the atmosphere between the Pro-Chancellor, Wale Babalakin and the embattled VC, Oluwatoyin Ogundipe.

Recall that sometime last week, there was tension in the administrative atmosphere of UNILAG after Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe was suddenly sacked due to some accusations made by the Pro-chancellor, Wale Babalakin.

The Pro-chancellor also stated that the majority of the governing council voted for the removal of the VC, although this was later discovered to be false after this publication got an exclusive result of the voting process.

Furthermore, Wale Babalakin has made some accusations against the Embattled VC which entails issues around misconduct, and misappropriation of funds.

‘’ Prof. Ogundipe spent N49 million renovating his residence which a former vice chancellor who had just left was in excellent shape without mentioning it to anybody. Without even mentioning it, not to talk of approval.

Prof. Ogundipe in a very complicit manner gave N41 million to the bursar to renovate his premises. The bursar’s house can be built from scratch with N41 million. We struggled to have Prof. Ogundipe’s management to give us a proper account.

Prof. Ogundipe, I’m sure, is the only vice chancellor in Nigeria who allocates security votes. Every month he pays security votes to the dean of student affairs without an account. In a university, you’re paying money every month without an account of the money. There has never been an account of how that money was spent.

Ogundipe altered the marks to favour a member of staff who had been indicted twice for fraud and total incompetence. It’s in Ogundipe’s interest to surround himself with people who cannot stand up for the truth. Ogundipe would have been removed then because forgery in a university is totally unacceptable,”

Although, Ogundipe has already taken Babalakin and the Governing Council to court since his purported sack, However, an insider has given a thorough explanation and the ‘true’ situation of the accusations against the VC.

‘’The VC’s lodge comprising the main building of 5-bedroom, guest chalet,  5-room boys quarters, security houses, etc was renovated and furnished gradually for over 1 year duration.

Again renovation was extensive, including roofing and complete re- running of the plumbing system which has been problematic.

The project was supervised and coordinated by UNILAG Dept of Works and Services.

As at the time Prof. Ogundipe took over, the lodge only had fixed fittings such as air conditioners available because there is a subsisting policy that principal officers can leave with all loose and moveable furniture upon expiration of their tenure. So the immediate past VC left with such furniture and fittings.

Ogundipe can also not be indicted on the UNILAG library building because he inherited the contract. Moreover the House of Reps Committee that looked into the matter exonerated Ogundipe

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