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The top VGN boss in Ipokia LGA of Ogun State, Commander Idowu Whepetoji Yemayinse a.k.a Panti o pejo, has disclosed that his passion is to erect a peaceful and communities free of crime in his local government at Ipokia.

Addressing pressmen in his office recently,Panti o pejo stated that he’s happy to be in the Vigilante Group of Nigeria in Ogun State chapter where he’s able to prove his worth to the entire world as a super boss.”VGN works are so tedious. It has no resting time and we are always up to the communities’ defense. Our priority is to make sure the criminals are not free in all Ipokia LGA domains. People are now relaxing with their two eyes closed unlike the case of about three or four years ago when criminals especially robbers were attacking people days and night.”he explained.

In addition,Panti o pejo stated that he’s a high priest in charge of Ethron Alafia,a white idol which he consulted to heal and perfect peoples’ lives.”I am also a Chief Priest for a white idol which is known as Ethron Alafia. We believe that with this idol behind us,our works and tasks as VGN operatives will be smooth and criminals are not at ease.”he added.

Commander Idowu Whepetoji Yemayinse, furthermore,called out to all VGN officials in the state to add more to their tasks in saving and protecting lives and properties. He advised all to see the steps more ideal with a bid to help their communities,local governments,state and the nation to grow with any count of problem.

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