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Why I canvass against support for #EndSARS-Comrade Samuel

Good morning .
I know what our expectations are with Nigeria police but for a second lets think about these.

You can not do anything about the moneycentric desire of the men in black until you and I rise up to advocate for their welfare , working environment and conditions.

A police officer buys uniforms and shoe for themselves . Purchased essential materials and stationary for day to day activities at the station.

You want bail to be free but there is no provision for bail bond in the station hence to print or buy, the suspects relative must drop. There is no provision for vehicle or fuel to transport suspect to court yet criminals can’t be set free ,hence the complainants must drop money for fare.

Administrative offices are run by Dpo with 10k monthly imprest yet chairs and tables must be provided for. Detainees ought to be fed but there is no provision for such from the Area commands because whole area command has only 30k as imprest monthly. Many times we do comparative analysis with Scotland yard and metrol police. A Scotland yard officer knows that in death his family will seamlessly access his pension and no one will ask his wife to sleep with her before getting it, that’s if she ever get it.

Do you know a police officer has no insurance for those hazard jobs you see him doing? Like SARS many desire they scrap . Maybe you dont know in a bid to make sure armed robbers leave us in peace, many of them lost their lives. They are maimed and left to their fate by authority. What about their families, children , they too are members of the society.

Just like any other professions police too have their imperfections . I sympathise with those who have been victims of police brutality and highhandedness but until we are able to dissect what brings headache we end up continue to treat recurrent symptoms.

There are problems though with recruitments but with myriads of inadequacies , who among our children want to be police with all the experience highlighted above? I have heard police officers swearing that his children will never be a police officer . What about that? Thats why miscereants and ex convict find themselves in uniform and we meet them at check points hence some of the behaviour exhibits are not what expected of officers of the law.

Let us not leave leprosy and be treating ringworm. Nigeria police deserve better welfare to serve and to protect with integrity .

Join us at Advocacy for police better welfare, an incorporated registered organisation to fight fir for police better welfare. Remember ,they can’t form Union or go on strike as its obtainable in a Clime we use to meaasure their performance evaluation .

Endsars wont help and eradicate those inadequate behaviors experiences till we ask with same energy using to protest fight for their welfare that is when we can justifiably ask them to perform optimally without guilt . Its doable.

I come in gratitude

Comrade Areola Samuel
Chairman , Advocacy for police better welfare initiative.

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