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#EndSARS:Media personality blasts Spain based Nigerian female international striker on Jungle comment

Asisat Lamina Oshoala MON, Super Falcons captain and top scorer, who plays professionally in the Spanish league,  FC Barcelona Femení in the Primera División as a forward has chewed more than what she bargained for as a media personality, Femi Salawu, has immersed her in the gutter due to her display of unpatriotic outburst on the issue of #EndSAR.

Asisas, a National award holder, MON accorded to her by former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan put on her Twitter Accoumt that, “Nigeria is a jungle!!!, #EndSAR #EndPolicBrutality.

This Femi Salawu’s reaction to her post,

“Clean her, polish her and take her out of Mushin but you can never take the Mushin out of her.
Bad manners will always catch up with people in public.
Azizat is high on herself and lacks public conduct, a sure recipe for PR disaster.
No serious corporate brand should associate with this display of irresponsibility from a national ambassador.
This is the supposed captain of Super Falcons yapping opata about fatherland. Is this how her colleagues at Barca engage their government?
Her position confers her with access to have conversation and engage any door in Abuja if she is really concerned about influencing change and not playing to the gallery. I don’t blame her, the same jungle gave the animal she is the life time opportunity she has, if Nigeria was a jungle like she said then her animalistic tendency is what she is exhibiting right now, it’s just so saddend she could call a nation that gave her all the fame she has today a jungle. She doesn’t deserve the captainship band”

Other commnters shared their opinions and all thumbed down her post in its entirety except one by Shaibu Husseini.

“If Nigeria is a jungle then what are you? An animal! We should get something right you can’t keep calling your fatherland a jungle just because of the way situation of things are presently like this, let’s watch comes from our mouth when we are annoyed, whatever name you give your country, when opportunity comes remember always if you lose them you caused it yourself, cause people would see you as an animal coming from the jungle and you would be treated as an animal you claim to be.”

“Boss wetin pain me pass is that the likes of Davido and Ayo Wizkid who led protest in Abuja and London, respectively still allow patriotism to restrain their public conduct.  This Asisat who wears the Green White Green jersey sits back in her cocoon and run down her motherland in the eye of the international community. No na
Na bastard pikin dey take left hand describe her papa house. Make she resign”

Shaibu Husseini comes to her rescue, “We should be easy on her Femi Salawu. Little slips like this happen. Although I dont see anything wrong in the CONTEXT of usage, but M.O.N could have been more careful in composing such a tweet. It could be that her anger was towards some SARS operative who behave as if Nigeria is a jungle. I saw a post on her timeline where an operative was shooting at a crowd in a market as if he was in a “jungle”. So she reacted on the spur of that moment.”

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