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PRESS RELEASE! #EndSars Protests : CJPAN Calls For Truce

Celebrity Journal Publishers’ Association Of Nigeria ( CJPAN) has joined the rest of Nigerian both home and in diaspora to condemn the action of the defunct SARs while urging the youths to maintain peace and dialogue with the government for a proper reform of the Nigerian Policemen

The Association in an emergency meeting held on Wednesday urged the IGP to ensure that the newly constituted SWAT men’s go through intensive training for effectiveness and if not well handle may lead to Revolution

Despite the fact that government has taken actions on the issue, the Nigerian Youths has refused to leave the street protesting all over country #Endsars

We therefore calls for truce on #EndSars protest and allow peace to reign and enable IGP to focus more on how the newly constituted SWAT work effectively

The #EndSars protest which kicked off last week has recorded deaths of some Nigerian police and youths.

Recall that a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly Lawmaker has called for an end to the #EndSARS protests, warning that the government may be forced to declare a state of emergency or a lockdown if things continue to escalate.
Similarly, the Nigerian Army has equally issued a warning against persons it tagged “subversive elements and trouble makers” and warned them to desist from such acts.
The army said it remained committed to defending the country and her democracy “at all cost.”
However, we called on IGP to as a matter of urgency implementing the 5- point agenda introduced for the reform of the police

Akin Sokoya
PRO Department

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