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 The Deputy Majority Leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Noheem Adam, has condemned in strong terms Tuesday’s militarization of peaceful protesters along the Lekki Corridor, he described the protesters act as constitutional and a worthy course .

Noheem who represents Eti Osa constituency 1 at the state Assembly, appraised situation over the twelve days gone by as civil by every right adding that protest is an inalienable right of every Citizen of the country.

“Today I rise to the historic call posterity  bestowed on me to stand with humanity, by condemning in strong terms, the shooting, killing and use of brute force  by security operatives on peaceful #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki toll-gate.

 “I speak as a stakeholder and representative of the dual-constituency that is most affected by the ongoing situation in the country. 

As an elected  representative of the constituency that is the epicenter of the #EndSARS protest, and a major economic hub of Lagos state. 

The protest against police brutality in Nigeria is within the constitutional right of Nigerians. 

I believe in the rights of Nigerians to freedom of expression, assembly, and protest. These are inalienable rights that no one can take away from the people. 

“It is without doubt, that SARS impunity, brutality and criminality against Nigerians, particularly, innocent youths, is condemnable, and that tactical unit of the police should be disbanded, and the police force reformed  with the urgency required.

This, I believe have been the demands of the protesters, who have been peaceful in their agitation for close to two weeks hence, the needless shooting at the protesters at Lekki toll-gate, by soldiers. It is utterly condemnable.” Noheem reiterated. 

The lawmaker also maintained that there is need to end the vicious circle of chaos and anarchy at the Lekki front. 

According  to him, what matters most is the attainment of the protest’s objective, and on this I believe the protesters are already coasting to victory, since the government is already addressing the stated demands of the protesters. 

This success should be sustained from this point through a peaceful approach, going forward. 

“As a lawmaker representing the constituency hosting the headquarter of the protest, and one in full support of the ongoing #EndSARS protest, I have made plans to bring up the issue, and use the instrument of legislation to drive home the point of the protest at the next plenary of the Lagos state house of assembly.

” It is my believe that we shall come out of this stronger and better at the end, and may it be an end where we shall be bequeathed with a workable system that better serves us all”. Said Noheem .

The lawmaker also counseled that it is apparent brute force against people’s will shall always be met with corresponding strong reprisal, for nothing can subjugate the people’s will and might. 

Noheem also noted that he being a Nigerian youth and a staunch part of various struggles for a workable system that serves all in fairness and equitably, and where social justice and rule of law prevail, shall never detract from these lofty ideals that are at the core of humanity. 

“And so my support with the peaceful protesters calling for the disband of SARS, remains unflinching. ” 

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