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She’s The Richest Woman Alive But Has No Child To Inherit Her Wealth (Photos)

When I was a teenager, I would often daydream about living in a mansion, wearing expensive clothes, driving a expensive car. At the expense of having children, becoming a very wealthy person was all in my head. I thought too much money was the key to living a good life.

With age comes wisdom, and I realized money cannot buy happiness. Once you have the things you need in life( Cars, clothes, food, houses etc) There are somethings you need but can’t buy no matter how weathly you are. Things like True LoveGood health and Children can’t be bought no matter the billions you have. If you think I’m bluffing meet Alice Wanton.

Alice Wanton is no ordinary woman. When she speaks men keep quiet. She is the wealthiest woman alive with a networth of $54.4 billion.

Alice Wanton is currently 77-years- old and has divorced twice. All through her years in marriage she never had a child. Alice Walton is an heir to the Wal-Mart fortune but has no child to inherit her fortune when she dies.

Alice Wanton might be the richest woman in the world but lacks something God gave you free of charge.

Learn to stop comparing yourself with rich people. They may be rich but some of them have silent pains.

Life is not all about Money. Money can get you the good things in life but can never buy you True Love, Good Health and Children. If you have these 3 things, you need to be grateful.

Alice Wanton might be the richest woman alive but she has no husband or child to leave her fortunes to.

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