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First Bank Unveils Visual For #FirstBankMaskUp and #MaskUpStaySafeChallenge ?token=AD6v5dzB0lfXqHMaldrRDj6gWpW4foh69AB_TeAPa0nY3kL2O_8qgLhXHhnYmu-vvLIktgd64Nf-f0GBext5q8Xdydmo2hRuaD_YUgIDzkC-12lgKZBoiujKXt9CJrL14X0Vy5rNLzs

This banger is loud, but you can make it louder!!! 
Coro is in town and it’s definitely the perfect season to mask up and spread the word too. 
At FirstBank, we have created a customized Instagram filter with our bespoke patterned Ankara that perfectly suits you 😉
Watch video to see how to get the virtual face mask 😷. 
You stand a chance to Vybe with 100 thousand naira when you Vybe with the #MaskupStaysafe challenge 

How to win1. Post a picture of you on the facemask2. Tag 5 of your friends to follow us and like your comment3. Use the hashtag #FirstBankMaskUp 
Winners would be selected at random. Tag your tribe to join now. 
We Vybe!🕺🏻💃🏻.

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