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By Fredrick Fadipe

The invasion that took place during the US Congress sitting is nothing but a world wide disgrace.The national president of concerned journalist Group and convener of the international community conference and icon awards Fredrick Fadipe reiterates during a press briefing at the Lagos office of the organisation.

According to him, “how can a so called Pro Trump group come out and protest an already won election fully armed with sophisticated weapons in this 21st century while the same government send strong warning to African countries over violence during election”

Fredrick Fadipe emphasized that President Donald Trump should be Impeached tried before a Competent court for inciting civil unrest and trying to truncate the wish of millions of Americans home and Abroad.

Mr Fadipe also pointed out that the United State of America that posit itself as the watch dog of the world just dragged itself in a public mud of shame and embarrassment because of the financial base of President Donald Trump which led to the loss of lives.

Such elements should not be allowed to occupy any position of authority because the spirit of sportsmanship should be the attitude of every politician in the world.

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