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Son Shot Mum, Dad Dead …Commit Suicide in Bloody Rampage

A 14-year-old schoolboy shot his parents dead before turning the gun on himself in a shocking crime that has rocked Northern Cyprus, say reports.

The bodies of Ibrahim Cobanoglu, 52, and wife Bengu, 48, were found by neighbours after they were killed as they slept in their home town of Lefkoniko.

Çınar Çobanoğlu, 14, died after being taken to hospital in Northern Cyprus

Their youngest son – Cınar Cobanoglu – was found lying seriously injured nearby but died after being rushed to Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital by paramedics.

Neighbours were alerted when the couple’s other son, 18-year-old Erlap, ran to their house to hide because he reportedly said his “younger brother had gone berserk.”

They rushed over to the property and found his parents dead in bed, reports news outlet

One of the neighbours said: “We woke up at three in the morning with a violent knock on our door.

Ibrahim Cobanoglu, 52, and wife Bengu Cobanoglu, 48, were shot dead in bed

Bengu Cobanoglu was killed as she slept in the early hours of Friday

“The older child came to us and said, ‘Run, save me, Cınar fired. Run, look, I think he did something to himself.

“We did not hear any gunshots…I found the boy sitting in blood.

“I called the ambulance and the police. We put the child in the ambulance saying maybe you can save him.”

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