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Mama Diaspora, Temitope Ajayi: Social crusader and philanthropist per excellence

There’s no doubt that Nigerians in DIASPORA have not been given enough credit for their contributions to national integration and development. While Nigerians in diaspora are celebrated and factored into the process of governance in countries and nations where they reside, the reverse is the case back here in Nigeria where the diasporians are merely seen as making up of numbers.

Yes, there maybe a government backed diasporian commission,  it is however in doubt if the effort has changed the perception of the diasporian economy, humanity and sociopolitical engagement in Nigeria.

While countries such as Israel, Pakistan, India and  Algeria, among others have built up and benefited from a deliberately conceived Diaspora ecosystem, changing the face of the their educational, health and human capacity expectations, Nigeria has  largely foot dragged on the power of diaspora ecology, playing the ostrich, frustrating the process of engaging” the brain drain” Zion train showcasing the best of Nigeria to the world.h

However, there is a woman of grace, a global citizen and champion of the Nigerian Diaspora ecosystem and development. Her Royal Highness, Queen mother, Temitope Ajayi aka Mama Diaspora strides the Nigerian American community with integrity and passion.

An enigma, ever engaging and futuristic, Temitope Ajayi born to a Lagos Father and Igbo mother from Orlu, Imo state, leaves you with life changing messages, making you an instant apostle and care giver to young persons and the downtrodden.

She told me at her Lekki Lagos home, that the Nigerian young persons do not deserve the neglect and the ill conceived branding to their well being. As a Nigerian American, Mama Diaspora connects to the deep gaps that has left the Nigerian young persons frustrated and filled with bitterness for nation and people.

After the socioeconomic dislocations brought about by the Endsars saga in Nigeria, Queen mother Temitope Ajayi, became the angle sent to water the peace of the poor and the frustrated young persons.

Her community activism, giving the golden life line to thousands of people, the youths and the not too young, became a refreshing eye opener to arresting the social security decadence troubling a nation of 200million people, 70percent in the youthful bracket.

What magic wand did this graceful, cerebral and elegant woman brought to bear to change the fortunes of the neglected young persons? She told me that women are the solution drivers to issues concerning the young persons and therefore should be made the face or link bridge to youth empowerment programs.

Her intervention mechanism revolves around empowering our out  of jobs young persons with interest free loans, ranging from as low as twenty thousand naira, to about one hundred and sixty thousand naira, and at redemption circle, gracious enough to do more.

She walked round her Lekki Lagos home, proudly introducing me to her community of entrepreneurs to which her kind hearted gesture has nurtured. As it is in Lagos, so also in Abuja, discovering, empowering many young persons who otherwise would have taken refuge in the synagogue of Satan.

Not done with her social scheme for the youths, Mama Diaspora also took to a strategic “ love Nigeria” project, building homes and not houses for the Nigerians in DIASPORA. In a detailed and verifiable partnership with Federal mortgage Bank, her silicon valley Nigeria incorporated built waterfront luxury homes in the” new Lagos”   near the Dangote Refinery and upcoming new  Lagos International Airport. These are property investment fit for the Diaspora community. She told me the project is a frontal effort to prove beyond measure that the DIASPORA economy and community is a serious sociopolitical matter.

Dogged, gritty and oratorical, queen mother Temitope Ajayi swags on the America social security system, praising it for giving her the opportunity to help humanity and leave lasting legacy for the generations of Nigerians yet unborn. An accomplished accountant and Forbes council member, mama DIASPORA is recognized and branded by goggle as the “ third most influential person” in Nigeria due to her verifiable social security intervention program which has made the forgotten young persons, newest entrepreneurs in town.

Though she reaches to those in need of life changing opportunities, mama DIASPORA frowns at laziness and characters unbecoming of gifted and talented minds. “ We are too critical of government, lifting no hands to help and I believe we should be seen to help our children, our people out of situations that trouble them.” She opined.

With an octopus presence and reputation built on integrity and fear of God, Temitope Ajayi today, is one of the few Nigerians who could travel through American airports without restrictions, holds six keys to six states in the United States of America  and honoured by George Bush for service to community and humanity.

A proud bearer of Nigerian flag and all that is good and great about the country, mama DIASPORA believes that Nigerians in Diaspora must be Supported and recognized for great service to mankind and desire to rebuild the future and economy of Nigeria. She told me” Nigerians in Diaspora is the future and fulcrum to rebrand and rebuild Nigeria”.

She deserved my roses and yours too for tribe and tongues does not count with her. Temitope Ajayi loves China and her presence also in the heart of the Asian giant, tells of her deeper thought for tomorrow about Nigeria and her people. The question deserving an honest answer is when will Nigeria honour this iconic socioeconomic  game changer and heart of gold ? Time, yes time possible will tell!

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