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Baba Ijesa penetrated her with his manhood, Princess counters police

Gives graphic account of how it happened

Princess, Baba Ijesa

Stand-up Comedienne, Princess, has insisted that Baba Ijesa penetrated the minor with his manhood seven years ago.

Princess gave a detailed account of how her foster child was raped by Baba Ijesa in an interview she granted TVC on Friday, April 30. 

Contrary to what the police claimed, Princess insisted it was not a case of molestation, but rape. 

She said: “No, she was raped. Immediately, she told us, she wrote a statement with the police, explained how it was done. 

“He (Baba Ijesa) asked her to remove her pants. He removed his pants, asked her to sit on his p*enis and started riding him. Then she felt a wetness all over her body. He brought out a handkerchieft and cleaned it. He asked her to go and bring a towel to clean the remaining. 

“Then he came about a day or two later to tell me that he brought food for us and I told him that I am not going outside.

“He asked her to follow him to collect the food. When she bent down to collect the food, he inserted the key in her private parts.”

Recall that the commissioner of police said from their review of the CCTV , the police could only see sexual molestation.

But the commisioner did say that what transpired between Baba Ijesa and the minor seven years ago was still a subject of investigation. 

He also disclosed a duplicate file had been forwarded to the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP), from where the directive will come as to what to charge the actor with

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